***Rev. Tina will be on sabbatical from May 20-September 3, 2024***

Hello, I am delighted you are here!

In the fall of 2018 I was “called” (church word for when the community prays and decides that God has moved all of us to join together) to First Church. I love being a part of this community! There is so much going on for kiddos through retirees. What I love most is our community doesn’t even bat an eye anymore when I show up to preach in a parrot costume after Vacation Bible School (true story watch the worship service here.) First Church encourages everyone to be themselves.

The COVID19 pandemic brought many challenges, and it enabled our ministry team to be so creative. We had a lot of fun finding ways to connect and make worship meaningful while we couldn’t be in our beautiful sanctuary. During Advent 2020, we meet at Glass Museum parking lot with the worship leaders standing in the back of pick-up trucks so we could be seen. The worship attendees were in their cars listening on their FM radios and it was all done at night to fit our theme of “Fill the Night with Music and Light”. It was AWESOME! Then for Easter 2021 we were on Town Neck Beach. We had everyone bring a beach chair and we used a kite to which everyone was invited tie a ribbon to it. The ribbons symbolized releasing our worries to God and then we watched our worries be carried away and rise with Christ. For Hallelujah Christ is Risen!

These weren’t all my ideas; it was a team effort. I love being a part of a team, I always have. Being on a team is about helping others succeed and ultimately reaching our common goal. The ultimate goal here is being the church that feeds. We aim to feed hearts by sharing God’s love, to feed the body, and feed the soul by sharing Jesus’ story.

Lastly, you might see me around town on my motorcycle or my wife, Tracy and I could we walking our two spoiled pups. If you see me, please say hello! I would love to meet you and learn about you! And can I take you out to coffee? Click here and pick a time and tell me where works for you. Coffee, tea or whatever is on me!

Hope to meet you soon,

Rev. Tina