Lent: Love God, Neighbor, Enemy

Lent: Love God, Neighbor, Enemy

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all
your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and your
neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27)

Maryann McKibben Dana states: "This instruction from Jesus has come to be called the Great Commandment, and it is great in at least two senses. First, it is great in its quality and worth. When it comes to how we are to love, Jesus is comprehensive: it will involve our mind, body, and soul. It is active. Love of neighbor isn’t a pale facsimile of our love for self; the two should be equivalent. Second, the commandment is great in its size, its expansiveness. It is the commandment out of which all others flow, and without which our actions are for naught."

Lent isn’t in the Bible
The word Lent is an old Saxon word meaning “spring,” and it is actually not in the Bible. However, Lenten practices of—prayer, fasting, and generosity (almsgiving) is emphasized in scripture and by the people of the Bible including Jesus.

Join First Church this Lent as we practice prayer, fasting and generosity under the theme of Love God, Neighbor, Enemy.

Lent Spiritual Practices

* Lent Workshop and Potluck
Attend the Lenten Workshop to learn more about the three Lenten practices. There will be three stations: prayer bead making, fasting (discover what is inhibiting your spirituality and how you might fast from it) and generosity (writing cards to people experiencing homelessness to go with the tarps and blankets).

Bring a dish to share and enjoy a fun time for all ages and great company!
Saturday, February 25 at 5pm.

* Worship Services

Wednesday, February 22, Ash Wednesday
Sunday, February 26, Love Extravagantly
Sunday, March 5, Serve a Stranger
Sunday, March 12, Show Mercy
Sunday, March 19, Wash Another's Feet
Sunday, March 26, Be Courageous
Sunday, April 2, Palm Sunday, Live Peaceably
Sunday, April 9 - EASTER

* Bible Study
Every Wednesday during Lent come learn more about the themes and scripture discussed at Sunday worship. Meetings are held in the Gates Room (back fellowship hall) at 11:00am.

* Daily Devotional on Zoom
This Lent begin your day with a time with others as we meet to read and reflect on that day's devotional.

The year's Lent Devotional is: Liberating Love by Sandhya Rani Jha.

Meeting Time: Monday - Friday at 7:30am
Zoom Link

* Prayer Walks
Join Rev. Tina on Thursday morning at 8:00am for a Lenten Prayer Walk. We will journey in God’s beautiful creation taking in all the wonders. All ages welcome.

February 23, Cook Farm (across from the Wing School)
March 2, Ryder Conservation (off Cotuit Rd)
March 9, Talbots Point (entrance of 6A)
March 16, Boyden Farm (off Cotuit Rd)
March 23, Maple Swamp (off the Service Rd)
March 30, First Beach (next to Tree House Brewing Co.)
April 6, Cook Farm (across from the Wing School)

Help our neighbors who are sleeping outdoors by purchasing (or donating funds which will be used to purchase) an outdoor tarp or water proof picnic blanket. Tarps can be purchased at Ocean State Job Lot and the picnic blankets by clicking here.
A table will be set up in the hallway with more information and to collect donations.

Our Lenten household support this season is 40 Days Together, designed for all families - those that live together, or are far from home a lot, one adult, two adults, or even more! Our goal will be to spend 40 hours together during Lent, not just muddling through activities that don’t speak to the soul. The Holy Spirit meets us whenever and however, so every moment truly is sacred. Folding laundry together counts. Brushing teeth together counts. Looking for the teen's lost phone charger together counts. A text thread with ridiculous memes counts. Each household will receive table tents with prayers for the season, plus
1) book lists for read-alouds/read-togethers for every developmental stage
2) ideas for simple hikes
3) lunchbox notes (for parents/caregivers to slip into their kids' bags AND for kids to slip into their parents'/caregivers/ bags)
4) ideas for midweek simple sabbath rests together (can also be done together virtually)
5) ideas for household collaborative art prompts using materials found around the home
6) suggestions for devotionals/prayers
7) bedtime blessing ideas for every developmental level
8) paper tracker of the 40 Hours Spent Together

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