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"Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kin-dom of heaven belongs to such as these.” ~Matthew 19:14

Faith formation is a life long process. We believe in giving children a solid foundation upon which to grow and learn. Here at First Church we strive to teach children in many ways about Christianity. Through hands on learning, by modeling and by putting our Faith In Action we aim to build intergenerational relationships that further Gods love in this world.

Church School families are busy! We adjust our schedule to allow as many people to participate in the program as possible. So, we meet at a variety of times:

First Sunday: in person at 10am for a short lesson and then join worship for communion
Second Sunday: on Zoom at 8:30am
Third Sunday: in person for the full worship hour at 10am
Fourth Sunday: on Zoom on the Thursday following the fourth Sunday at 5:30pm

Over the course of a unit we study one scripture story in depth. Each meeting we look at the story through different learning modalities: art, music, movement, Bible skills, games, cooking, and others. This schedule also allows for students to learn the stories even if they miss a week or two. Reminders are sent to help families know where and when church school is held.

When students are not in church school, they have access to the prayspace in worship. It is filled with a variety of books, games, and activities related to the theme explored in worship. Children are guided through the worship service so that they learn the how’s and why’s of worship. A Time for All Ages is offered when students are in worship, and worship components intentionally include children.

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