Upcoming Worship Series!

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Upcoming Worship Series: Identity 

Come discern and discover your true identity in Christ.

PART 1: YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD ~ September 17
How do you describe yourself, distinguish yourself, and define your worth? We want to help you discover your true identity. It may seem simple, but few people truly grapple with life’s most important question: “Who am I?” Let’s start by exploring a powerful story in Mark’s gospel about a woman who saw her issue as her identity. As we read, we will see that culture defined her by her issues, but Jesus defined her as His daughter.

Scripture: Mark 5:25-34  


According to the Apostle Paul in Ephesians chapter two, you are God’s artwork. You are the custom creation of the greatest Creator in history. Your identity and intrinsic value comes from your designer. This study answers two significant questions. First, how does God see you? Second, why did God create you? Every single one of us is a masterpiece with a mission.

Scripture: Ephesians 2:1-22