Upcoming Worship Series!

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Upcoming Worship Series 

Made for More

Why are we here? Who am I? What is our purpose?
Trying to discover the purpose of our lives can lead to a lot of questions. Often, the world is all too ready to give us answers – promising that finding the perfect job or achieving the next milestone will make us happy. But in this series, we will embrace the questions as an invitation to discover what it is that God wants to do with the story of our lives. Because we are made for more!

April 14: Made for More: The Great Artist, What are we doing together? | Jeremiah 18

April 21: Made for More: Earth Day, How are we made for more care of Creation? | Genesis 1:26-31

April 28: Made for More: Who am I? | Jeremiah 1:4-10

May 5: Made for More: What is Purpose? | Matthew 5:13-16

May 12:  Made for More: Will purpose make me happy? | Exodus 16:1-20

May 19: Pentecost! Made for More: How do we keep Going? | Ezekiel 37:1-14