Church Center App

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New Online Picture Directory and Giving!

Church Center is the online or smartphone portal for our church family.

ChurchCenter is based on each individual, not each family. Your personal information safe and secure and is NOT shared or available to anyone other than church staff unless you choose to participate in the directory or a group. If you are part of a group, other members can see your picture, phone, and email address.

If you do not have a smartphone or do not want to use Church Center from your phone you can still access all the features from the web portal at

Download and install the app:

    1. Search ‘Church Center’ in your app store
    2. Download and install
    3. Click on ‘Get Started’
    4. It will need to find our church so you can either:
      1. Allow it to access your location & click ‘First Church’ OR
      2. Don’t allow access and search for our church manually
    5. Click on our church logo and select, ‘This is my church’
    6. Enter your phone number
    7. Enter the login code that will be immediately texted to you
    8. Click on your user profile to log in (Don’t worry…these steps are just to set up the app. You won’t have to do this every time!)

Review your contact info and upload your picture:

  1. Open the Church Center app once you’ve registered
  2. Click on the silhouette icon in the top right corner
  3. Click the right arrow
  4. Review email, phone number, mailing address, and add a photo
  5. Click “Update” and you’re done!